Before completing the form below please see our Fellowship Church minimum criteria for establishing a new church:

  1. A Minimum of 250 households.
  2. Local Pastor identified by World Changers Church.
  3. Establish Community Group or Groups.
  4. Secure venue that meets our basic requirements.
  5. Minimum number of volunteers to serve in the Core Service Departments:
    1. Media.
    2. Ushers & Greeters.
    3. Children’s Ministry – minimum of 3 Volunteers.
    4. Prayer Room.
    5. Finance – minimum of 3 volunteers.
    6. Operations/Vision Keepers.
    7. Administrative/Bookstore/Communications.
  6. Minimum network requirements for internet streaming purposes.
  7. Receive Executive Approval.

To show your interest please complete the following survey questionnaire: