This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information or other enquiries, please contact us.

What is a WCCI fellowship church?

We like to think of ourselves as being “one church in many locations.” Our fellowship church campuses are local places of worship in cities and territories that extend beyond the borders of our main campus located in College Park, Georgia. We understand that not everyone is able to regularly attend services at our main campus. That is why we are branching out to different cities and territories throughout the world.

What are the services like at your fellowship churches services?

In general, services include corporate prayer, praise and worship, welcome receptions for visitors, teaching of the Word of God through LIVE streaming or pre-recorded services. We also offer church-wide fellowships. Children’s Ministry is available at certain campuses. Each fellowship campus will be unique in its approach to ministering to those who attend. We are sensitive to the needs of the people who attend our services.

No matter what campus you attend, you can expect to be welcomed with open arms. At each of our locations, our focus is to create:

  1. A Culture of Care
  2. A Culture of Truth
  3. A Culture of “Come as you are”
  4. A Culture of Authenticity
  5. A Culture of Compassion
  6. A Culture of Transparency
  7. A Culture of Righteousness
  8. A Culture of Faith
  9. A Culture of Peace
  10. A Culture of Power

Our ministry is founded on the love of God and the Word of God. So, you can expect to be loved and taught the Word of God with simplicity and understanding. You can expect your life to change for the better!

Will Dr. Dollar teach in person at the fellowship churches?

Actually, no. However, with the use of modern technology, you will still have the awesome opportunity to hear and “see” Dr. Dollar and Taffi Dollar teach the Word of God by way of LIVE streaming video or pre-recorded services.

Some of our fellowship campuses will be equipped to provide you with a LIVE broadcast of services as they are being held in the World Dome on our main campus located in College Park, Georgia. At our other locations that do not stream LIVE services, members and visitors will enjoy a pre-recorded service.

When and where are your fellowship church services held?

A complete listing of World Changers Fellowship Churches is available online, which includes service times. Service times vary between campuses and are subject to change.

Will there be mid-week services held at your fellowship churches?

Hosting mid-week Bible studies is our goal for each fellowship location. Each of our fellowship churches will primarily host Sunday services, and eventually work toward having mid-week services. Visit our complete listing of World Changers Fellowship Churches to learn which fellowship churches currently conduct mid-week services.

Where are you planning to open future fellowship churches?

To find out which cities we are considering for potential fellowship churches, see our New Cities listing.

I noticed that you don’t have a fellowship church in my area. How can I have one started where I live?

Our goal is to open 500 fellowship churches. We are seeking people who are committed to becoming members of our fellowship campuses. If you are interested in becoming a member, or are interested in a fellowship church opening in your area, simply register. Your registration is your way of telling Dr. Dollar and Pastor Taffi, “Yes, I support what you are doing, and want to join a fellowship church in my area.”

To open a fellowship church in any city, we would need at least 250 households per city to register as new members and confirm their interest. One adult 18 years or older, per household constitutes a valid registration. Only one member per household should register. We do not accept third-party registration.

We require 250 households to register, whether on online, by telephone or by mail. Our goal is for each fellowship church to be positioned to sustain itself in terms of normal operations and continued growth. The active participation of members is important to the success of any ministry, both financially and in its impact on the local community.

After we have collected valid membership registrations from at least 250 households in your city, we will consider opening a campus in your area. So, once you register, share the good news with your friends and loved ones and encourage them to log on and register to show their support in helping us to “make a mark in your city that cannot be erased!”

What’s the next step once 250 or more households have registered in a particular city?

Our next step would be to contact everyone who has registered to confirm their decision. Once all 250 or more households have been confirmed, we will then proceed with the preliminary plans to open a fellowship church in that area. Those plans would include scheduling a town hall-type meeting with all registrants to cast the vision of the ministry and the fellowship church, recruiting local volunteers, networking with local social services organizations, and more.

Will there be a local pastor at your fellowship campuses?

Dr. Dollar and Pastor Taffi are the founders and senior pastors of all of our fellowship churches. A church facilitator will be designated to oversee the day-to-day operations of each of our campuses, including facilitating weekly services, conducting weddings, funerals (or homegoings) and other membership care services. Our church facilitators have been handpicked because they possess the heart of God and the heart of Dr. Dollar and Pastor Taffi.

If I already belong to a church, can I also become a member of one of your fellowship churches?

We prefer that you prayerfully consider being committed to attending and being a member of one church. We wholeheartedly believe that wherever the Lord would have you to be rooted is the local place of worship where His blessing will impact your life.

I am currently a member of World Changers Church International in College Park, Georgia. Can I join a fellowship church if it’s closer to my area?

Yes. We are “one church in many locations.” We realize that many of our members and regular visitors travel a distance to be taught the Word of God and fellowship with other World Changers. So we welcome you to join the campus that makes it convenient for you to enjoy a wonderful worship experience.

Will your fellowship churches provide services for my children?

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all of our fellowship campuses provide quality ministry for your children and teens. We believe that it is important to help them grow spiritually through relevant methods. As each of our campuses grows, Children’s Ministry will be provided to accommodate your children’s and youths’ needs. However, the availability of Children's Ministry will vary among our fellowship churches, and may not be provided at the initial opening of new churches.

Can I serve as a volunteer once I join one of your fellowship campuses?

Yes. Volunteer opportunities exist in the area of ushers, greeters, Children’s Ministry, parking lot attendants and other areas. Once you have successfully completed the volunteer training course offered at our campuses, you will be able to serve as a volunteer. A list of volunteer opportunities is available online once you register to become an official member.